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In response to misunderstandings, stereotypes, and violated court orders based on a lack of understanding of diverse cultures, we came together to bring to the forefront what some fear discussing.

Gitu Bhatia, Abbas Hadjian, and Diana L. Martinez first presented “An American Quilt” for the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association (“LACFLA”) in November of 2008. The reviews from those in attendance where overwhelmingly positive, including comments such as “I thought the husband on my case was just being difficult. I know now that there’s an unaddressed cultural issue.  This really helps me understand how best to move forward.”

Unfortunately, too many legal, financial, and therapist professionals working in Family Law see cultural diversity as a non-issue: “You’re in California. These are the laws. Deal with it.” How well do clients react when given this kind of response? Such a response or attitude from the bench and/or the bar sets the client(s) up for failure or, worse, criminal prosecution. Failure to recognize and address cultural issues results in unsuccessful litigation, mediation, and/or collaboration in family law matters, as well as the the under-serving of vast populations within our state.

Understanding cultural beliefs and customs helps the Family Law professional identify the underlying issues and, in so doing, allow for the creation of a process, discussion, and, hopefully, a resolution that satisfies the clients and sets them on course for a success. It has the added bonus of allowing the collaborative professional to connect with the client(s); always an important aspect of any collaboration.  In short, “Culture Counts and Diversity Matters”.

Gitu Bhatia
Dr. Gitu Bhatia is a licensed clinical psychologist.Full Profile
Abbas Hadjian
Abbas Hadjian is an attorney.Full Profile
Diana L Martinez Attorney Mediator Diana L. Martinez is an attorney and mediator.Full Profile

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