Selected Cases Reflecting Legal Diversity

 The following published Appellate Cases, discuss cultural and religious aspects of  Jurisdiction,  Choice of Law, Validity of Marriage and Divorces, Jewish and Islamic Dowry, Custody and Parent Plans, Support and Division of Property. 

Most of the cases are litigated by in the State Courts as part of the family disputes. Some were related to the contracts signed by the American businesses in other jurisdictions. Some were decided by the Federal Courts in connection with the immigration of the individuals to the  United States. Together, they provide a valuable insight as to how different Courts in our country approach and  handle the sensitive cultural and religious issues differently.     

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  •  IRMO SHABAN  (2001) 88 Cal.App.4th 398:17: Statute of Frauds prevents enforcement of Islamic Sharia law  in California.


  • NGC V. LUCENT (2004) 331 F. SUPP. 2d 290: Trial may be based on the Saudi Arabian law & procedure in Texas.


  • DIAL 800 . V. FESBINDER (2004) 118 Cal.App.4th 32: A California Court may enforce a Beth Din Arbitration.



  • AVITZUR, V. AVITZUR (1983) 459 N.Y.S.2d 572: Contract to get Jewish Get will be enforced in New York.   


  • MAYER-KOLKER,  V. KOLKER (2003) 819 A.2d 17: Jewish Get is not enforceable in New Jersey.  


  • HUSSIEN V. G. (2007) 216 FED. APPX. 653 (9TH Cir.): The second wife marriage is valid for immigration.


  • SIEGER V SIEGER (2007) 37 A.D.3D 585: The Heter Declaration is not admissible in N.Y. Divorce.


  • MIR V. BIRJAND (2007) 2007 OHIO 3444: An Iranian divorce judgment unenforceable in Ohio.


  • BADWAN V.  G. (2007) 494 F.3D 566: Marriage based on  Jordanian Talaq is valid for immigration.


  •  ALEEM V. ALEEM (2008) 947 A.2D 489: A Pakistani Talaq is not unenforceable in Maryland. 


  • GHASSEMI. V. GHASSEMI (2008): An Iranians’ first cousins marriage is valid in Louisiana.    



  • IRMO NOGHREY (1985) 169 Cal.App.3d 326: Promise to make payment on divorce is unenforceable in California.


  • IRMO DAJANI (1988) 204 Cal.App.3d 1387: A Jordanian Dowry voltes public policy in California.


  • AKILEH V. ELCHAHAL (1996) 666 SO.2d 246: An Islamic Dowry is enforceable in Florida.


  • IRMO SHABAN (2001) 88 Cal.App.4th 398:17: An Egyptian Dowry is vague and unenforceable in California.


  • ODATOLLA v. ODATOLLA (2002) 810 A.2d 93: An Islamic/Palestinian  Dowry is enforceable contract in New Jersey.


  • IRMO BELLIO (2003) 105 Cal.App. 4th 630: The Dajani’s Jordanian Dowry enforceable in California.


  • ALTAYAR V. ASSWAD (2007): An Iraqi’s dowry contract is unenforceable in Washington.      


  • AHMED V. AHMED (2008): An Islamic dowry is unenforceable in Texas.                                             


  • ZAWAHIRI V. ALWATTAR 2008 OHIO 3473: A Syrian dowry is not actionable in Ohio.



  • IRMO MALEK (1986) 182 Cal.App.3d 1018: A Lebanese custody order is enforceable in California.      


  • IVALDI,  v.  IVALDI, (1996) 147 N.J. 190: The Moroccan Family Court is the most convenient forum .


  • IRMO MAKLOUF (2005) 695 N.W.2D 503: A Jordanian custody order is enforceable in Iowa.            


  • CERIT V. CERIT (2005) 107 HAW. 467: A divorce custody order entered in Turkey is enforceable in Hawaii



  • RIHAN V. RIHAN (2006) 2006 OHIO 2671: A Jordanian spousal support enforceable in Ohio          



  • ALEEM V. ALEEM (2008) 947 A.2D 489: A Pakistani property division order is not unenforceable in Maryland 

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