Complexities of Culture & Gender Role


Changing Nature and Definition of Families

Orlando, Florida, June 1-3, 2011: By invitation from the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Culture Counts” conducted a workshop on the issues related to culture and gender in the family relationship. The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts is an internationally recognized association of family law practitioners (judges, attorneys, mental health providers, social workers) dedicated to identification, analysis, discussion and implementation of issues in the family law practice, nationwide. The Orlando gathering was the 48th annual conference of AFCC, titled “Research, Policy and Practice in Family Courts: What’s Gender Got to do with it?” More than 600 professionals from different countries, including Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand, and United States, participated. Two plenary sessions and 79 workshops, were held from Thursday June 1st to Saturday June 3th.  There were many professional exhibits including a library put together by participants. From Culture Counts,  Gitu Bhatia, Ps.D, Diane Goodman, J.D., and Abbas Hadjian, C.F.L.S., conducted a 90 minutes program as Workshop # 58. In excess of 30 participants attended, some calling it the best, or one of the best workshops of the program.
Gitu provided an overview of how to think about culture in the complex ways it presents itself. Through the use of movie clips and interactive exercises, she presented a way to appropriately assess the individual and learn ways of building rapport and trust in order to provide culturally appropriate services. Diane’s focus was the impact of micro-aggression on gay, lesbian and transgender clients.  Diane also discussed the experiences of children raised in non-traditional households. Abbas presented the impact of gender in shaping family problems in different cultures and the need to address and resolve these issue.



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