Why Registered Domestic Partners/Same Sex Spouses Still Need Adoptions or Court Orders of Parentage

By Diane M. Goodman

In December 2008 Newsweek published an article about the Miller-Jenkins custody case. Lisa Miller and her partner, Janet Jenkins entered into a civil union in Vermony in 2000. Civil unions in Vermont are similar to California’s Registered Domestic Partner laws. After their civil union, Lisa carried a child created with donor sperm. In 2002 their daughter was born. The couple broke up in 2003. Read full article…

This article was published in Family Law News. Issue 2, 2009. Vol. 31, No. 2.

Diane M. Goodman is a partner in the law firm Goodman & Metz in Encino, CA and has been a family law litigator for 24 years.

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