Washington: Incomplete Dowry does not Invalidate Sudanese Cultural Marriage

Appellate Court of Washington (Div. 3):
Incomplete Payment of Dowry Does Not Invalidate Sudanese Cultural Marriage

Washington, February 10, 2011: In re the Marriage of Akon and Awan, (2011) No. 27922-7-III, the Court of Appeal of the State of Washington (Division 3),  found that an unregistered cultural marriage between two Sudanese in Sudan was valid although the groom failed to deliver the entire promised dowry of 45 cows to the bride’s father.

Mr. Akon was  Ms. Awan’s second husband, but claimed to be the presumed father of Ms. Awan’s children from her prior marriage. He alleged the first marriage was invalid because the first husband failed to deliver the entire promised dowry.

The court noticed that Mr. Akon did not present any law on the topic, and under authority of State v. Rivera, (1995) 95 Wn. App. 961, 966,  the state of the law in Sudan may be proved by the testimony of the parties. Here Ms. Awan and her first husband testified that the incomplete payment of dowry did not invalidate the Sudanese cultural marriage.  The court found that there was sufficient evidence in support of validity of the first marriage.

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